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Home is where we feel most free BrandRoom

May 11, 2021

How generous spaces, flexible design, and the right location expand everyday living beyond our condo’s four walls.

In recent times, perhaps all of us have gone through a sort of rediscovery of our homes and found a deeper appreciation for them. In a matter of months since March 2020, the way we lived was completely redefined, and so too did the way we interact with our living spaces.

With evolving lifestyles, searching for our family’s future home becomes a question of what aspects of living are most important. As Ayala Land Premier’s first residential enclave in Quezon City, Parklinks North Tower offers a low-density, distinctive address that ticks off all the right points in today’s growing list of home must-haves.


This past year, we realized that no longer is our residence just a place to come home to; it is now also where we work, where our kids go to school, and the backdrop against which birthdays and family milestones are celebrated. For a future home, the ability to introduce different uses to maximize each space becomes a top priority. Thoughtfully designed, regularly shaped spaces provide opportunities for maximum personalization and flexibility of use. These days, a home could very well include an office, a mini cinema, or even a personal gym.

At Parklinks North Tower, residences are laid out conveniently, with the kitchen and bathrooms configured along the inner side, while all the bedrooms, living, and dining areas span the façade, allowing for spaces to easily be combined and repurposed. Each room also flows out onto its own generous balcony, allowing for a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. A unit may have a combined balcony area of up to 40 square meters. Whether they are used as a lounge, fitness area, or garden for a growing collection of plants, balconies become an extension of our personal spaces and venues to nurture our passions.


In a city like Metro Manila, space has become a true rarity. With only 4-8 units per floor at Parklinks North Tower, having an expansive home of up to 306 square meters provides a sense of openness, a unique luxury especially for tower developments. There’s nothing quite like living high above the city, where the sunlight infuses interior spaces with a sense of ease and wellbeing. From dawn to dusk, the ever-changing quality of light animates and energizes living spaces, creating a dynamic setting for our everyday moments.

Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass bounds an entire side of each residence at Parklinks North Tower, allowing interiors to be filled with natural light. Because of its unique location with no high-rise structures surrounding it, homes are visually expanded by commanding views. To the East, residents overlook the Marikina River and the rest of the estate set against the Antipolo mountain range. To the West are the sprawling, tree-lined villages of Green Meadows, Corinthian Gardens, and White Plains, with the Ortigas skyline in the distance.


With limited mobility, the immediate surroundings of our homes have quickly become one of the most important considerations for a future residence. Whether it’s doing weekly grocery shopping, getting school supplies for the kids, or just making a quick coffee run, having uncompromised access to our daily needs makes a huge difference. Through a direct connection to Parklinks Mall, the estate’s premium lifestyle retail center, residents enjoy a wide variety of shopping and dining options right at their doorstep.

Complementing retail options is a myriad of amenities for fitness, recreation, and social activities that are exclusive to the residents. In the city, typically having a pool, a large backyard, or a gym would only be possible for houses on sprawling estate lots. Living in a residential building allows for shared amenities among an intimate community without homeowners needing to worry about maintenance and upkeep. At Parklinks North Tower, the entire 10th floor with a total area of almost 3,500 square meters is dedicated to pools, outdoor lounges, a two-storey fitness gym, a social hall, sports court, playground, and even a generous lawn space. Designed to welcome as much natural light and fresh air, these amenities are highly open, maximizing views of the stunning skyline.


An intensified love for the outdoors may have been born out of our current situation, but it is an aspect of living that will surely continue to be valued in the coming years. Having easy access to parks provides opportunities for fitness, a safe natural environment for the kids to run around and explore, and a quick escape to enjoy fresh air and the relaxing sight of lush greenery.

The River Esplanade along the building’s east side borders the Marikina River, providing a generous civic space comprising gardens, restaurants, and cafes making for a unique, waterside setting.

Envisioned to be Metro Manila’s greenest urban estate, the Parklinks masterplan dedicates half of its 35 hectares to parks and open spaces, interweaving greenery throughout its various residential, commercial, and corporate components, ensuring that from any point, a park is only just a 5-minute walk away. Surrounded by expansive verdant areas, residents will enjoy places to come together and establish a genuine sense of community centered on a parkside and pedestrian-friendly lifestyle. Having access to greenery is no longer perceived as merely an additional feature, but an essential part of living a healthy, balanced life.

More and more, we realize that our living experiences are influenced and enriched by the homes we live in just as much as the larger community we belong to. These days, a home is no longer strictly defined in any particular way: it is where we live but also work and play; where indoors fuse seamlessly with the outdoors; and ultimately, where we are free to shape a lifestyle that is truly our own.

Parklinks is a 35-hectare development envisioned to be the greenest urban estate in Metro Manila and the largest along C-5. A joint venture between Ayala Land and Eton Properties, Parklinks features a premium lifestyle mall and a wide array of residential, commercial, and corporate developments that foster connection, exchange, and collaboration.


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