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Advantages of Acquiring Pre-Selling Condominium Units

Advantages of acquiring pre-selling condominium units

In buying a condominium unit in the Philippines, we have so many things to consider like location, unit sizes, price range, payment terms, developer, etc. We also have two options in buying a condominium unit, either pre-selling or ready-for-occupancy.

Normally, one of the deciding factor in choosing either of the two is the reason in buying. Some of our clients prefer RFO units if they are in a hurry to use or lease out the units. While others prefer pre-selling units since it has some advantages of getting in this stage specially under our brand, Ayala Land Premier.

Pre selling units are competitive in prices

First is the price of pre-selling units versus RFO units. It offers lower/ introductory price since the construction of the building is at the beginning or still ongoing.

In Arbor Lanes and Gardencourt Residences at Arca South of Ayala Land Premier, we can get a condominium unit at an average price per sqm of Php 260k to Php 336k VAT inclusive. While Parklinks North Tower is at an average of Php 330k per sqm VAT included also.

Flexible payment terms of Ayala Land Premier

Given the current COVID-19 crisis, developers offers longer and flexible payment options specially in pre-selling units. Since the turnover date of units is around 4-5 years, they can also give longer schemes.

This month, Ayala Land Premier’s pre-selling units offer up to 4 years to pay interest free and monthly amortization starts at Php 30k for selected units at a specific period of time. You may also apply for bank loan of the lump sum payment given that banks nowadays offer lower interest rates.

An array of choices for pre-selling condominium units

You may also have better options in choosing a unit. From the list of inventory that we will show, you may choose you preferred unit size, location from the floor plan and to what floor, unit orientation, and views like facing garden, amenity area or city skyline.

New developments make use of the newest ideas, designs, features and amenities

Another advantage of these pre-selling condominium units is that it offers the new or latest materials, designs, amenities, and building features.

At Ayala Land Premier, most of our projects are planned to use high speed elevators, double-glazed windows, expansive balconies, and wall-to-wall panoramic windows. We provide best unit finishes and fixtures and efficient and sustainable developments.

Investment potential of pre selling condominium units

A real estate investor can earn in real estate in two ways through appreciation or through income.

First, appreciation. Pre selling projects have more room for appreciation than those nearing completion or those that are already ready for occupancy. Aside from the property appreciation, land value is also being driven by the location and improvements in the area.

And second is by earning through income. As an Ayala Land Premier buyer – you can either opt to lease out the units to tenants or sell the property later on at a higher price than how much it was originally purchased.

Hassle free purchase with Ayala Land Premier

Developers can assist the buyers to the whole process of purchasing pre-selling units. Through real estate salesperson, office admins, accounting and finance, documentation department, and customer relation group will make it hassle-free and and worry-ownership.

Ayala Land Premier pre-selling projects and location

At present, Ayala Land Premier offers pre-selling units at their latest developments in Arca South, Taguig, Parklinks in Quezon City and in Makati.

Please send me a message or book an online presentation to know more about these advantages and our project portfolio.

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