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From Rural to Urban. From Greens to Buildings.

Our way of life has everything to do with the spaces we live in.

Rural to urban. Greens to buildings

After graduation last 2014, I moved to Manila to work in Ayala Land Premier. And you know what I really missed aside from my family and friends? – the environment.

Open space. Green field

I was born and raised in a small barrio in San Jose, Batangas. Aside from being the “Egg Basket Capital of the Philippines,” we are abundant in varieties of plants, trees, clean water, and open spaces. I remembered how I loved to swim in the river nearby our place.

Man holding a horse

I also played traditional Filipino games like Patintero, Agawang Base, Luksong Baka with my friends. During summer vacations, I enjoy kite flying at the open fields. Growing up, I enjoy doing outdoor exercises like running, jogging and biking. The more greeneries and trees around, the more oxygen and clean air we inhale. I really love doing all these activities up until now.

A man riding a bicycle in the forest

These greeneries that surrounded me also makes my stress go away. Green evokes refreshment, peace, rest and security. I would also love to have my future kids to experience playing and do their exercises in an environment like what I have in Batangas.

But not all can simply move to a rural place to have such space. Your place of work or business is a factor amongst other things that you have to think about.

Masterplan of Parklinks

A few years ago when I heard about the plan of Ayala Land and Eton Properties to have a joint venture project - PARKLINKS, I got very excited. I came to know that it is a 35-hectare sustainable masterplan with 50% dedicated to a network of activated parks and refreshing green spaces, woven into an array of retail and leisure spots, offices, and living spaces. Designed for high pedestrian access, parks are within a five-minute walk from any point in the estate.

The estate adjoins two of the country’s main urban centers: Quezon City and Pasig, accessible through the thriving C-5 corridor. Neighboring communities and key institutions of business, education, health, and leisure amplify mobility and ease for contemporary lifestyles.

To be able to have the opportunity to live in the city at the same time experience the open space that is scarce in urban living is a match made in heaven.

Central Park in Parklinks

Central Park

At the heart of Parklinks, a 3-hectare park, giving way to relaxing strolls and shopping at the plaza.

Man and child running along the riparian garden perspective in Parklinks

Riparian Gardens

Preserving the contours of the natural landscape are extensive gardens, highlighting the calming riverside view.

River Park Terraces in Parklinks artist's perspective

River Park Terraces

A refreshing expanse of green open spaces complemented by bike lanes and a viewing deck open diverse spaces for recreation, leisure, and fitness.

River Esplanade in Parklinks artist's perspective

River Esplanade

Riverside views provide a unique dining experience at the Esplanade plaza. Directly connected to Ayala Malls Parklinks and the retail podium of Parklinks North Tower (Ayala Land Premier’s first residential condominium in the estate), urban leisure is enhanced with opportunities to bask in nature.

Parklinks Estate perspective

With the great master-plan and ideas of these two developers, I’m very sure that this will lead us to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle as it puts a premium on open spaces, active living, connectivity and accessibility.

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