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Lot Pick of the Week: Arcilo, NUVALI

Welcome to Ayala Land Premier’s newest neighborhood in Nuvali, ARCILO.

Arcilo is situated in NUVALI South and is surrounded by the brand’s other villages. It is located along Evoliving Parkway, providing easy access to NUVALI Boulevard and to key establishments within the estate.

Arcilo NUVALI, the newest neighborhood by Ayala Land Premier

A sprawling landscape blanketed by fully-grown acacia trees creates a truly unique setting for residences enveloped by nature. A thriving ecosystem of local flora will be preserved, making up the village’s distinct character and charm. Dense foliage and overarching canopies will provide natural shade and a pleasant atmosphere for families to enjoy.

Natural shade and a pleasant atmosphere at Arcilo NUVALI

Given the demand to Ayala Land Premier’s residential lots, 87 lots were already sold from its priority selling held last December 1, 2022. Arcilo offers residential lots catering to various needs and lifestyles, with lot size ranging from 400 to 1,770 square meters across four unique lot classifications.

Arcilo NUVALI availability

Sharing with you my lot pick of the week – Arcilo Phase 1 Block 9 Lot 1.

This lot is a Park Premier lot classification with the size of 1,585 square meters and proximity to the village amenity area or Acacia Park. This lot is priced at Php 56,875 per square meter and the list price is Php 90,146,875.00 (+ VAT and other charges).

Arcilo Phase 1 Block 9 Lot 1 lot pick of the week by Rayvenn from Ayala Land Premier

Arcilo’s residential offerings are characterized by utmost flexibility, allowing residents to redefine how lots are utilized through time.

Arcilo Phase 1 Block 9 Lot 1 has the option to be subdivided into three or two smaller lots which make them ideal as multi-family homes or heirloom properties for one’s children. The succeeding photos illustrate the prescribed lot cut options when subdividing this Park Premier lot.

Single lot development Arcilo NUVALI Ayala Properties by Rayvenn

Arcilo NUVALI lot subdivided into two

Arcilo NUVALI subdivided into three lots. Ayala Properties by Rayvenn

Arcilo NUVALI Artist's perspective. Ayala Properties by Rayvenn

To know more about this Arcilo’s lot pick of the week, please call or message me at:

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