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Discover the reasons why choose Anvaya Cove.

Client objecting on distance of property

Usually, this is the first question and the primary concern that I receive from a client inquiring about Anvaya Cove.

Client: Where is Anvaya Cove?

Me: Morong, Bataan.

Client: Oh, in Bataan. I think it’s too far for us. Do you have any projects near Metro Manila?

Yes, I agree. Morong, Bataan is quite far from Metro Manila but distance is subjective and Ayala Land Premier chose this location for some good reasons. Also, it depends on where your point of origin is and I think the experience and priceless memories with your family is what matter the most.

Anvaya Cove underscores a distinct living experience North of Manila

As an overview, Anvaya Cove is a 620-hectare first and only seaside leisure community of Ayala Land Premier in North of Manila. It offers world-class membership clubs, the Golf & Sports Club and Beach & Nature Club. Aside from the Club memberships, we are also offering various types of residential properties like low-rise condominium units, quads/townhouses and residential neighborhoods.

Regardless of the location, here are some of my points why Anvaya Cove over others?

Anvaya Cove is perfect for an out-of-town vacation, long weekend getaway and as your secondary home to unwind. Unlike other vacation places, it is hassle free and very convenient since you do not need to book a flight or travel via sea. Just pack your things and get your car up and running and that’s it, drive over to Anvaya Cove.

Have a pleasant drive going to Anvaya because of efficient infrastructure and road systems for seamless connectivity

Because of the existing and continuous infrastructure projects, traveling from one place to another becomes more comfortable and convenient. Located in Morong, Bataan, Anvaya Cove is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Manila and only 20 minutes away from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is accessible via North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Driving through these two expressways will not be boring since it provides green sceneries that makes the travel more relax and serene.

In addition, the Skyway Stage 3, one of the thoroughfares connecting the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) to North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) makes a significant decrease in travel time between the northern and southern parts of Metro Manila.

Anvaya Cove is an exclusive community that is only open for its residents and members.

Being a private or exclusive development is one of the main concerns of most if not all clients. Anvaya Cove is exclusive for residents or members of the two Anvaya Clubs. The only exception to the rule is if you have an endorsement coming from a member in accordance to the Club’s rules and regulations.

Being an exclusive development makes the stay of the residents, Club members or guests peaceful and intimate with more of areas to enjoy.

Enjoy breathtaking views at Anvaya Cove

A pleasant drive around the community offers picture-perfect scenes around every bend. Residents may enjoy the views of the fairway, nature, mountains and the sea.

Boundless opportunities to forge lifelong memories with the family and loved ones at Anvaya Cove

You may see this proposition in some of our ads or brochures and this is the perfect description to Anvaya Cove. This development is designed for shared moments among family and loved ones as it offers endless opportunities to forge lifelong memories. With a wide choice of amenities, services, events and activities from the two Clubs, family ties flourish at Anvaya Cove.

World-class Amenities

Ayala Land Premier’s tradition of excellence unfolds a horizon of lifestyle choices bundled with unsurpassed membership Clubs with a wide array of amenities.

Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club. Palm trees sway in the gentle breezes as light filters through the tranquil pools

Covering 10 hectares, it features a coastline that stretches 3.5 kilometers and offers a full range of amenities and activities ideal for families. Aside from the beach area, we have a pool complex, Sambali Lounge, The Casitas, Veda Spa, Sunset Bar and restaurants like Bamboo Café and Pawikan Grill.

Anvaya Cove Golf & Sports Club - where every round of golf is elevated to a truly unique experience

At this Club, activity, recreation, and family bonding intertwine in a lush, seaside setting. Covering 82 hectares, Anvaya Cove boasts an all-weather, 18-hole, par-72, 7,200-yard championship golf course designed by Mr. Kevin Ramsey, with stunning views of Subic Bay and the mountain ranges of Bataan. This club is also consists of extensive sports facilities, a pool complex, and elegant yet relaxed dining, lounging and social spaces.

Anvaya Cove Hillside is nestled amid lush tree canopies and gently rolling slopes

Anvaya Cove offers neighborhoods and living spaces with distinct environments set against stunning views of the Bataan mountain range and the waters of Subic Bay.

Hillside is the newest residential neighborhood in the southern portion of this leisure community. Here, the residents are welcomed home by nature through lush canopies of trees and views of the sea. This phase is ideal for clients looking for smaller lot sizes as it offers 415 to 590 sqm lot areas.

Now, allow me to ask if you are:

  • A Golfer – looking for a new course to conquer?

  • A Beach Lover – wanting to have a weekend of relaxation along Anvaya Cove’s serene coastline?

  • A Nature Lover – why not find a home that makes you feel closer to nature?

  • Or someone exhausted living in the city - why not have a change in scenery?

What are you waiting for? Book an online presentation or actual site visit and find your home where the mountains meet the sea.

or send an SMS at 0917 885 7188. Let's connect today! :)

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